My Fiction

I have just gotten back into writing fiction pieces and am still discovering who I am as a fiction author. My pieces tend to fit into genres of mystery or suspense, which is what I tend to read as well.

I am currently re-working several of my pieces to touch on larger themes. I am also attempting to play more with the form I use for writing fiction.

Below are some pieces I am proud of up to this point. They are still being edited as I find new things about them I could improve but are for the most part completed works.

Adelheide (September 2015)

“I’m sorry that I had to do this to you,” the woman said, her voice tired but strong. “I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that I’m the witch your parents warned you about when you were younger. The witch you dismissed as nothing more than a fun bedtime tale. I can assure you that I am indeed very real. I have lived here in the forest for many years, surviving…

The Voice of Death (December 2015)

Once upon a time something happened. If it had not happened, it would not be told.

There was once a wealthy man who loved his family and all they owned so much he sought to defeat Death. When his first child was born…