Creative Writing

My Creative Writing

Creative writing started out as my guilty pleasure. In high school, I would write fiction during lunch and then use my study block class to workshop the piece. I would stay up late into the night perfecting a poem and spend the entire next day exhausted and miserable. My first semester at college went the same way.

Then I discovered the writing community at Drake and began to bring my writing into the light. I declared a writing major and have spent at least part of every semester honing my craft and I have never once regretted that change, despite the increase in sleepless nights as I work to meet deadlines. Workshops, where I can give and receive feedback, have become a large part of my life.

I also started participating in things like NaNoWriMo and setting smaller creative writing goals with my friends, where we held each other accountable for our work. Unlike my classes, which often had a very set agenda, these projects were more relaxed and gave me freedom to do almost anything with my work.

My creative writing portfolio includes some of the pieces I have workshopped throughout my time at Drake as well as some pieces that I have written outside of class. I write both fiction and Nonfiction, though I tend to lean very heavily toward nonfiction. One of my favorite things to do with my pieces is to play with form and very few of my pieces tend to appear the same.

Below are links to my work. Please explore and reach out to me if you have any constructive feedback.

Nonfiction Work

In my nonfiction pieces, I tend to explore themes of family, sexuality, and mental illness. Some of these pieces will touch on all three while other pieces focus on a singular theme. Overall, my nonfiction tends to be my most playful style of writing, as I spend a lot of time focusing on the form of the piece.

Fiction Work

I have just gotten back into writing fiction pieces and am still discovering who I am as a fiction author. My pieces tend to fit into genres of mystery or suspense, which is what I tend to read as well. I am currently re-working several of my pieces to touch on larger themes. I am also attempting to play more with the form I use for writing fiction.