My Writing Portfolio

The writing portfolio I present here is an amalgamation of the written works I have created throughout my time as a college student. Some of these works were done purely for fun while others were completed for a class or as a direct result of a class. Most of these pieces will just be published here on my website, but if they happened to have been published elsewhere I will just link directly to that website. These may include pieces I write for the Drake University satire magazine DUiN or pieces that I eventually hope to have published in literary magazines.Picture of notes taken while writing a piece for my portfolio

I write mostly personal nonfiction and academic papers, but I also experiment with fiction. Currently, I am experimenting with flash pieces, both fiction and nonfiction. My flash pieces tend to be anywhere from 150 to 1000 words.

Feel free to explore the pieces posted on this site. I would love to hear any feedback you have, so find me using one of the social media links below!