Hannah Nicole Thomas: Who I am

My name is Hannah Nicole Thomas and I’m a junior at Drake University studying writing and German. I spend what little free time I have playing with my cat, Binx, and reading anything I can get my hands on. To see what I’m currently reading, check out the menu to the left. You can also follow me on Goodreads, which I update way more often than Facebook.

I started out studying journalism, but became frustrated with the multimedia focus of the journalism world. All I wanted to do was write stories that people would read and relate to. I had no patience for learning photography and video on top of that.

While I still learned some great skills from my time as a journalism major, I eventually added and focused more heavily on a writing major, where I spent an extensive amount of time exploring creative nonfiction.

Somewhere along the way, I added a German minor so that I could listen to German music without a need for translations. Some of my favorite songs are Die Engel by Eisbrecher, Augen Auf by Oomph, and  Diese Kalte Nacht by Faun.

What I Do

I work as a Peer Research mentor on Drake’s campus at Cowles Library. As a PRM, I spend a lot of my time helping peers conduct research in the most efficient manner possible and ensure that patrons are aware of what our library has to offer. The job at Cowles, which I have held for my entire college career, has fostered a love of research and information.

Currently, I plan to continue fostering that love by earning my master’s in library sciences and working as an academic librarian.

Why I Write

Hannah Nicole Thomas' cat Binx is sitting on a couchIn addition to everything else, I love to write. If you ask anyone in my family, they will say I’ve been writing since I learned to read.

I wrote my first short story in third grade, which somehow ended up as an exploration of sibling relationships in a broken home. Since rediscovering that story while moving into my college dorm, I have spent the majority of my time attempting to make sense of my own broken home through the written word.

I also write poetry, which I use as a creative outlet when everything else frustrates me. It’s often much more straightforward and predictable than the poetry I find myself reading.

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